McCoy Investigations is a professional licensed investigative agency specializing in Pre-Employment Background Screening. Established in 1994, McCoy Investigations provides a full range of screening services to the business community. Our hands-on approach to court searches is essential in providing thorough, timely, and accurate background reports to our clients.
We are assisted on a daily basis by a team of professional investigators and background researchers throughout the United States. Our nationwide coverage is crucial to ensure thorough and complete background checks.
Working within the guidelines of the FCRA, EEOC, ADA, and appropriate State laws and statutes, we are able to provide you with compliant background information before you make your hiring decisions
McCoy Investigations is proud to "take that extra step" to ensure timely turn-around because we know the importance of getting key our reports back to our clients quickly. In may instances, we are able to provide results within 24 hours.
McCoy Investigations believes that the success of your business depends on the people you hire. Our mission is to provide our clients with thorough, accurate, and timely information that will assist them in maintaining a safe and profitable work environment.
POST Certified in Background Investigations
License # PI-18621