The success of your business depends on the people you hire. Consistent, thorough, background checks can assist employers in choosing qualified, honest, hardworking employees and will help to eliminate job candidates that have a propensity toward workplace violence, fraud, theft and/or embezzlement. Falsification of applications and resumes are at an all time high today. According to recent court rulings, employers have an obligation to verify their job applicants' background. Negligent hiring and negligent retention lawsuits have resulted in costly court settlements for employers who are not conducting adequate background checks.
McCoy Investigations Pre-Employment Screening has been assisting employers in making the right hiring decisions since 1994. Working within the required Federal and State guidelines, we are able to provide employers with the necessary background information that they will need to properly evaluate all of their job candidates. McCoy Investigations utilizes a nationwide network of court researchers who conduct "hands-on" court searches. Our cost effective, accurate, and timely information will help you document careful hiring practices, minimize employer liability and lower personnel costs.

POST Certified in Background Investigations
License # PI-18621